Wednesday, June 1, 2016

UC Irvine Loses a Prospective Jewish Student

Hat tip Campus Reform

Campus Reform is still looking into the problems at UCI as demonstrated by the May 18 disruption of a Jewish event and the university's questionable response in concert with the Jewish Federation and Hillel. Now, unsurprisingly, one Jewish high school student has decided not to attend UCI after sending a letter to administrators and receiving an unsatisfactory reply.

Nobody at UCI is asking for my advice, but here is what I would advise.

Cut out the talking points and confront the problem. That means reining in Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union. Let them know this conduct will result in expulsion, stripping of their campus charters, and arrests if warranted. They have abused their rights of free speech long enough.

Launch an investigation of Hillel and the Federation. Interview Jewish students, past and present, who will tell you of the intimidation tactics they have employed against Jewish students and community members who have dared to speak out and say there is a problem on campus. Stop using these organizations as cover. They have a conflict of interest.

Disassociate yourselves from the phony Olive Tree Initiative. It is a thinly-disguised program designed to sway students-including Jewish students- to the Palestinian narrative. And while you are at it you can furnish financial expenditure records for the OTI, which for years have been held back from a legitimate California State Public Records Act request.

Finally, start living up to the UC Regents Statement of Principles on Intolerance as it pertains to anti-Semitism.

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