Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Time Orlando

Hat tip Answering Islam

Is there a teachable moment here for American gays? So the Religion of Peace has struck again on American soil. Fifty dead and fifty more wounded. The target this time? Gays.

As we await to next such carnage, it might do us well to remind ourselves of why this young man took out his religious beliefs in a gay nightclub. That is because under Sharia law, specifically the section known as hudud sharia-"Crimes against God", homosexual acts are punishable by death.

Keep in mid, we are not talking about the time of Moses here. We are talking about Islamic jurisprudence today. In Iran, gays are hanged in public from construction cranes for the amusement of the masses.

It is time for the gay community, the LGBT community, or whatever they choose to call themselves to recognize that this is the real homophobia, the kind they have been ignoring for too long out of concern for political correctness. Today in America, there are more gays jumping on the anti-Israel "pink-washing" bandwagon charging the Jewish state with "taking unfair" advantage of its tolerance for gays at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab world-who have no such tolerance. Want to know what the much-heralded Palestinians do with gays? They throw them on the tops of tall buildings.

I also note that a student gay club participated in the disruption of an Israeli film at UC Irvine last month along with Students for Justice in Palestine. Shame on them. Their loyalties are misplaced.

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