Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Students Supporting Israel at UCI Issue Statement of Support for College Republicans

Below is the text of a statement put out on Facebook by Students Supporting Israel at UC Irvine in support of the UCI College Republicans:

In regards to the suspension of College Republicans at UC Irvine:
We as Students Supporting Israel at UCI, University students, and Americans value the First Amendment Rights of all regardless of ideology. The suspension of College Republicans at UC Irvine is a clear violation of their rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
When our film screening was disrupted by the same organizations and students that attempted to disrupt College Republicans' event - College Republicans stood by us and now we stand by them. Not just out of friendship but out of unity against the prejudice that UC Irvine has repeatedly demonstrated against Zionist and Conservative groups, against the favoritism the administration has shown to the same groups that repeatedly violate our rights to speech and assembly.
College Republicans is being punished by the administration for ThoughtCrime to have a different opinion, for daring to stand up to the bullies who - rather than protest respectfully - would see alternate viewpoints shouted down and silenced.
It is our hope that after the universal condemnation of student organizations all over the political spectrum - that the administration rescinds this ridiculous punishment and stand behind the American values of the First Amendment and the ignored University value of diversity of opinion.
Kevin Brum
President of Students Supporting Israel at UCI

Very well stated, Kevin.

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