Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Note to Whoopi and Joy Behar: Don't Blame Christians for Orlando

Notes from the treadmill

I just joined a local gym this week, and this morning, I was on the treadmill. Lo and behold, the TV monitor in front of me was showing The View. They were discussing the Orlando massacre and showing an interview of some unidentified gay guy (in a disguise) who claimed he was Omar Mateen's gay lover. Therefore, the motive for the massacre could not possibly have anything to do with Islam even though Mateen's 9-11 call began with a praise Allah in Arabic, and he claimed to be a follower of ISIS. After all, Mateen had told this guy in disguise that Islam was a religion of love.

Somewhere and somehow in the discussion, the theme turned to Christian intolerance of gay people and Whoopi Goldberg lectured Christians to read their own Bible. Nowhere in the Bible did it say to hate people. Joy Behar, never shy to get in a dumb comment, added that they were not talking about all Christians just some Christian leaders who were saying negative things about gays.

Excuse me, but unless Mateen had a conversion to Christianity prior to going into The Pulse with that AR-15, what does Christianity have to do with Orlando?

I am fully aware that the left in America wants to turn this discussion into a debate about guns and the intolerance of the Christian right, but Mateen was a Muslim and claimed to be acting on behalf of ISIS. Yet, the left refuses to allow Islam's laws against homosexuality even enter the discussion.

So to Whoopi and Joy I say this: When a Christian enters a gay bar and kills 49 people while quoting the Bible and declaring his love for Jesus, then you can talk. When Christians throw gays off the tops of tall buildings, then you can talk. When Christian judges sentence gays to be hanged in public from construction cranes, then you can talk. When Christian clerics give sermons pronouncing death to homosexuals, then you can talk.

Christians had nothing whatsoever to do with Orlando.


Miggie said...

Maternity was a registered Democrat. Maybe it was their hateful rhetoric that put him over the edge. I'm still waiting for the link to Global Warning.

If they are blaming guns for the Orlando attack then to be consistent they should blame airplanes for Pearl Harbor and also blame pressure cookers for the Boston bombings.

Miggie said...

That should be Mateen, not maternity. Damn spell checker.

Gary Fouse said...

Problem was you spelled maternity right.

elwood p suggins said...

Like, thought he was wrong and found out he was right after all??