Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Info on Idaho Case

Hat tip Jihad Watch

This week there were reports that three Syrian boys had sexually attacked a five-year-old girl in the laundromat of an apartment complex they were residing in in Twin Falls, Idaho. Authorities responded to the scene and charges have been filed. The police and prosecutor have denied allegations in the media that a knife was used or that an actual rape took place. (The girl was reportedly undressed and had been urinated upon.) Prosecutors also rejected reports that the boys were from Syrian refugee families. They are Sudanese and Iraqi. Their immigration status is as yet unknown other than they are "recent arrivals".

The Idaho Statesman is running an interview with an 89-year-old woman who came upon the scene and alerted police.

Jihad Watch has updated its report as follows:

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Oh, just one more question: I wonder if the College of Southern Idaho's Refugee Resettlement Program (in Twin Falls) can tell us if they had any involvement in bringing these families to Twin Falls.

Just for the record, you know.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fouse.

Why do you think most Conservative Websites are describing the alleged perpetrators as "Muslim"???

I suppose one can assume the three young perpetrators are Muslim from their ethnic background (one Iraqi, and two Sudanese).

However using that logic one can assume that all White/Caucasian rapists are Christian since the vast majority of Whites are Christian.

Do you think folks like Mr. Robert Spencer have to dig deep to find cases like the one in Idaho to make themselves feel better about the massive amount of child rapes being committed by Christian Pastors and Catholic Priests???

As the old saying goes "Misery Loves Company".

Gary Fouse said...

Mr Anonymous,

Maybe it's because we are up to here with Muslim refugees who rather than assimilate and contribute to the countries they choose to immigrate to are wreaking havoc.

You know my position on priests who abuse children because I have explained it to you many times.