Thursday, June 30, 2016

Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting

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"Hey, Loretta. You're not gonna leave Chelsea's kids without a grandmother, are ya?"

I am trying to give Attorney General Loretta Lynch every benefit of the doubt based on her prior performance as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. It is getting harder after this week in which she stated that the best way to defeat terror is through love and now the revelation that she had a private meeting with Bill Clinton at an airport hangar in Phoenix on Monday. It is improper and should have been avoided at all costs because the DOJ is investigating  Hillary Clinton, and there is a possibility of a criminal indictment pending. Lynch says nothing was discussed other than personal small talk- like their grandchildren. (Then-President Clinton appointed Lynch as US Attorney.)

Lynch's account of what was discussed may be truthful. It appears that Clinton initiated the contact. However, just the appearances of this are bad. Many already believe that the fix is in and that the Obama Justice Department will never indict Hillary, no matter what the evidence shows. It is also troubling that the news of this only surfaced because of a local Phoenix news affiliate. Lynch only confirmed it after the news came out.

Lynch should have made sure someone was present with her and politely informed the former president that given the on-going case against Hillary, it would not be proper to be meeting.


Squid said...

It no wonder that Hillary says that she is 100% sure that she will not be indicted. Also, it is no wonder that President Obama has endorsed Hillary, when the fix is in.

What needs to happen, which will never happen, is that President Obama appoint an independent prosecutor for the outcome of the FBI investigation.


Gary Fouse said...

Lynch should now recuse herself from this case.