Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Istanbul: The Latest Target

It's just the latest pin on the map. Istanbul airport was hit last last night by three suicide bombers. As of this writing, the toll is 36 dead and over 147 injured. The latest contribution to the world by the religion of peace.

No doubt in the next days there will be the requisite statements by CAIR offering condolences to the victims and their families and condemning  the act. Islamic clerics will hold press conferences and tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and does not condone such acts even though no other religion is conducting these atrocities.

No doubt our local newspapers will run another soapy story interviewing people at a local mosque and running photographs of Muslims kneeling in prayer (no doubt to the victims).

In addition, we will also be subjected to op-eds by people like Loretta Sanchez expressing concern that Americans will lash out at innocent American Muslims and hold them accountable for the latest massacre-even though we continue to respect the rights of the innocents because, after all, we are Americans. In many other countries, those associated with such killers would be hung from lamp posts. Not here.

Will we see demonstrations like those that have followed the Orlando massacre blaming Americans, Christians, Republicans, and the NRA for what happened? I can see it now: "Christians killed the people of Istanbul".

Maybe we should hold lotteries guessing which spots on the map will be the next massacre in the name of Allah. Where will it be next? Copenhagen? Chicago? Milan?  One thing is for sure: It will happen again and again and again.

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