Tuesday, June 28, 2016

House Benghazi Report

Read it! It's linked in the Fox News report.

And Hillary Clinton's reaction?

"It's time to move on."

Tell that to the families of the four Americans who died in Benghazi, Hillary.

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Squid said...

Hillary is complicate in setting up the the conditions for the deaths of all four men in Benghazi. There were no less than 600 hundred requests for more security. The British had pulled their personnel out of their base and the Red Cross left as well. They were sitting ducks for an al Suria attack. During the attack, the White House, Department of State and the Department of Defense had real time video of the attack. The President told staff to do anything needed to take care of the personnel on the ground, but Hillary did not give the OK to deploy. In the mean time, White House and State Depertment staff are creating the Video narrative during the th
Time that the second attack was in place. The FAST strike force was ready to go and needed the OK to deploy, but the order never came and the pilots stood on the Tarmac waiting.
The facts of the attack were present and Ben Rhodes ignored them to create his video fiction for Obama, Hillary and Rice's five Sunday morning video deceptions.
Yes, it is clear that the Administration crafted the narrative to fool Americans it would not negatively effect the election. Simply put, Obama, Hillary and their staff put politics in front instead of putting the lives of the men on the ground in Benghazi.
What is equally as shocking is the AP, Washington Post and New York Times claim that there is nothing new in the report, hoping that Americans do not read the Benghazi report. There are new, revealing features and it is not time to move on.
Americans need to know that Hillary could not make Benghazi secure for the personnel at the outpost, decided not to act to save them with the FAST team and assisted in a cover up video story.
Americans need to decide if see can make the US safe and secure, in the face of Radical Islam when she cannot even save the men at Benghazi.
No Hillary, we will not move on.