Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have the UCI "Protesters" Been Referred to the OC DA for Prosecution?

"Protesters were falsely accused of endangering event participants, and now the case has been referred to the Orange County District Attorney (DA) to determine whether charges will be filed."

Apparently, the anarchistic, anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace seems to think so. They are organizing a letter-writing campaign to the Orange County DA urging him not to press charges against those who disrupted a Jewish event at UCI on May 18. This link was sent in by an anonymous reader.

It is my hope that charges will be filed. Maybe we can also find out who from the National Lawyers Guild and the UCI Law School participated in that incident. Maybe then we will get a statement from law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky.

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Squid said...

The impulsive Jewish Voice for Peace perhaps does not understand the concept of discovery, when it comes to criminal investigations. Questions can be asked and information demanded, regarding the National Lawyers Guild Student and how they are related to the UVI Law School and perhaps Chemerinsky.

This is a "Make my day" move.