Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Good News From One New Heart: Naomi Has Surgery

Last week, I posted news about Naomi, a Romanian girl transported to Israel to have open heart surgery at Wolfson Hospital.  I am happy to report that Naomi has had her surgery and is doing well.

Naomi's surgery is thanks to the efforts of One New Heart (linked on this site), Wolfson Hospital and Israeli doctors working pro bono. 
Just two days after open heart surgery, Naomi is out of the PICU and out in the children's ward. And if that weren't enough she had an ECHO with very good results, it does not get better than this!

Naomi's mother, Aurica is concerned that her daughter is not moving or eating much. So we tried to get her to eat a little ice-cream, after four little bites she had enough. That is when you know a child is in pain, but with each passing day she will feel less pain and begin to live life to its fullest!

We are so thankful for the Father answering our prayers, these young children are so precious to Him and to us. Before long this will all be history, but at the same time we believe that this is just the beginning of new life for Naomi and her family! 


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