Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Facebook Statement of UCI College Republicans

Yesterday, several sites including this one reported that the UC  Irvine College Republicans had been suspended for a year for failure to provide proof of insurance for any private security hired for the Milo Yiannopulos event that drew protests and considerable controversy.

Here is what is entitled "UCI College Republicans Statement" which appears on UCI's news page. It is dated June 21. It is somewhat misleading, and when I first read it my initial impression was that it was a statement from the College Republicans themselves due to the title. It is not. It is UCI's statement as to the suspension.

Here is what the College Republicans stated on their Facebook page yesterday. The statement acknowledges that the suspension is only for holding events and renting UCI room space for those events. It rightfully asks, however, what use a university club (especially one with a political purpose) is when they cannot hold events and sponsor speakers.

"Contrary to the statement released by UCI, the news reports are accurate, CRUCI is suspended for a whole year from booking rooms for meetings and or events, effectively rendering the club obsolete in purpose. This suspension means that CRUCI can no longer hold meetings, can no longer reserve rooms for or plan events, and as those are the only functions of the club it means that CRUCI can effectively no longer function as a club on campus in any capacity."

Campus Reform is following the story and has all the details.

Well, I guess the Campus Republicans can still hold bake sales on Ring Road.

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