Monday, June 20, 2016

DOJ Scrubbing References to Islam in Mateen-911 Transcripts

Man-Made Disaster
December 7, 1941

The Justice Department, in seeking to new depths of insanity, is scrubbing all references to Islam in releasing the transcripts of Omar Mateen's calls to 911 as he was slaughtering 49 innocent people last week in a gay night club. It defies all reason.

This is akin to describing the forces that attacked Pearl Harbor as pilots flying Aichi bombers. Or the forces bombing London as pilots flying Messerschmidts. It's like scrubbing all references to Jews and Lebensraum from Mein Kampf. Let's just keep the American people in the dark as our leaders keep searching for a "motive".

By the time the DOJ is done with this case, the public will be convinced that Mateen became a homophobe from watching Fox News and old Jerry Falwell re-runs.

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