Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Leaves EU-Good

The big news yesterday and today is that the Brits have voted to get out of the European Union. Like Joe Biden would say, "This is a big f----- deal."

I view this as a great development. I hope other European nations follow suit. In fact, I hope the EU dissolves just as the USSR dissolved.

In the aftermath of World War II, an attitude took hold that the nations of Europe had to integrate themselves in order avoid future wars. It worked to a certain extent. Who could imagine that Germany and France would go to war against each other again?

However, what evolved was a giant bureaucracy headquartered in Brussels, where nameless bureaucrats from the respective countries joined to together to pass legislation and regulation that was binding on the member nations-right down to the size of beer glasses.

So to a large extent, Brits voted to leave because they were tired of being subjected to the decisions coming out of Brussels.

But the biggest issue is immigration. The UK, like most of the other countries, has been overrun by immigrants who will not assimilate and who do not accept British values. The EU has had an open border policy, especially with the Syrian crisis. In addition, while thousands of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa were gathered in camps in Calais and trying to jump aboard trucks to cross the undersea tunnel to England, the EU was dictating to the UK and other countries that they had to accept "their fair share" of these migrants or refugees.

Let's be frank. Most of these refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers are Muslims, people not interesting in assimilating. They are  more interested in imposing their own values on the countries they move to. Britain has had enough of Islamic terror and radicalism. They want their country back.

Naturally, if you surf the US cable channels, you find a variety of opinions. While Fox News featured commentators who were favorable, CNN was quite the opposite. There was the elitist journalist Cristiane Amanpour referring to conservative politician, Nigel Farage as "anti-immigrant" and a "xenophobe".

In addition, the stock markets reacted negatively and the value of the British pound dropped. I am no economic expert, but I believe that will pass.

What I hope is that what happened in Britain will spread rapidly to the rest of Europe. About three years ago, I was having dinner with a Swiss friend, a banker, at his home in Zurich. I asked what would happen if the EU dissolved. His answer was that the countries would go back to warring against each other. I heartily disagree. Yes, there is a threat from Russia, but the Western European countries can continue to work together while maintaining their national sovereignty Their mutual interests will continue to keep them together economically, politically and militarily.

But make no mistake: The British vote is a vote not only for national sovereignty but a vote against uncontrolled immigration by people who do not contribute, rather who have proven themselves to be a threat to British society. It is not racist to state that. The facts and the evidence are there in abundance. Europe can accept immigrants from all over the world. It is not skin color but belief system that matters.

The European public is rising up. Their leaders need to start listening.

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