Thursday, June 2, 2016

Arms, Cash, and the Clinton Foundation

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 is hardly a conservative outlet. On the contrary, it is solidly on the left. So when you read an article like this on, you need to wake up and take notice. In this article, David Sirota outlines the cash donations to the Clinton Foundation, the arms sales to donating governments, and Bill Clinton's speeches.

It's called corruption, Folks. Plain and simple. When the FBI wraps up their email investigation, and (hopefully) issues a criminal referral to the Justice Department, they can (hopefully) follow that up with another criminal referral on the Clinton Foundation.

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Squid said...

It is always Clinton Cash. The Feds are going after the Trump University, but they will not prosecute Hillary or Bill fork their interest in an international university that gave Bill 6-46 million dollars to have him on the Board. After the cash was deposited in the Clinton bank, The Hillary State Department provided the university 55 million. The saying: "Give the money to Bill and get favors from the Hill" is very true. (
Is there an investigation into this activity? No, because it is corrupt Hillary, who has the power and influence to ride above the law. If she becomes the President, we are doomed.