Thursday, May 26, 2016

UCI Hillel Says Jewish Students "Not Disrupted"

UCI/Orange County Hillel has come out with a series of questionable statements regarding the disruption of a Jewish event at UCI last week. On May 20, 1:42 pm, they put this beauty up on their Facebook page. According to this statement, Students for Justice in Palestine did not disrupt the Jewish film event or shut it down.

"Correcting the record regarding inaccuracies reported in Campus Reform. The Students Supporting Israel event was not disrupted or shut down by protestors. Students watched the film until the credits rolled and left when they decided to leave." (emphasis mine)

Not disrupted?

The event may not have been shut down in that the film was allowed to continue until it was concluded, but I think we can say with authority that it was certainly disrupted.


Squid said...

Again, Hillel bows to the Islamists. They have done this before and we have experienced this and they have done it regarding the "Under the Helmet" showing and they can be expected to do it again. The most disturbing feature here is: Will Hillel bring charges against the SJP/MSU for their civil disobedience on the UCI campus. The answer is most likely a no, which enables the SJP/MSU to continue their unlawful behavior.


Gary Fouse said...

Correction: Hillel will NEVER bring charges against SJP et al. It will have to be done by students who were victimized, and they will have to fight their own establishment to do it.