Friday, May 27, 2016

State Dept. IG Report Damns Hillary Clinton

Now even the mainstream press is having to report developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. There is this from the New York Times reporting the release of the State Department's IG report, which is damning.

"The report, delivered to members of Congress, undermined some of Mrs. Clinton’s previous statements defending her use of the server and handed her Republican critics, including the party’s presumptive nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, new fodder to attack her just as she closes in on the Democratic nomination."

No, the report strengthens the FBI case against Mrs Clinton and makes it more likely that the FBI will recommend prosecution. The actual report is linked on the NY Times story or can accessed below.

Meanwhile, the State Dept. spokesman, Mark Toner, was having a bad week. On Wednesday during his regular press briefing, he was clearly not prepared to discuss the report. (Hat tip Mediaite)

But that wasn't the worst of it. Toner also told reporters that classified information was not compromised. After being corrected by a reporter who said that the IG report did not say whether or not classified information had been compromised, Toner had to apologize and admit he had misspoken. (Hat tip Washington Free Beacon) Clearly flustered he then told reporters they would have to consult with her (Clinton's team) to determine if compromise had occurred.

Clinton's team.

That would be campaign manager Brian Fallon who even as the IG report was released, is lying to the media about the findings.

This report basically drops a ton of damning information into the lap of the FBI, much of which-if not all of which- they have already learned and corroborated through testimony and evidence.

The hacks of the State Department has been guilty of covering up for Hillary Clinton's abuses. They have stonewalled FOIA requests as well as federal judges. They have been forced to produce documents every step of the way. The IG, apparently, is an exception to all that.

I suspect the mainstream media, which desperately wants Clinton to become president is figuring it out that they cannot continue to ignore or downplay this story.


Miggie said...

In a discussion group I'm in took up this issue. Predictably the Dems in there fell back on their often used defense of "everyone does it" and cited Collen Powell and Adeine Albreight. There is no comparison as none of the former Secy of State ever had a server in their home. Further, in Albright's time email was new and the rules had not yet been set.

They then compared it to George Bush leading us into the war in Iraq. He PUPOSELY misled us. They did not ascribe a motive. There is also the PUPOSELY cast votes by all the Democratic leadership at the time voting to pursue the war. They were using the same intelligence reports Bush had. In fact most of the quotes I have were made before Bush got into office.

Next they claimed Clinton's negligent comprise of secret US information was no worse than a lawsuit against Trump over losses in Trump University! REALLY? They are equivalent ???

Clinton is a tricky one but her followers bend themselves into pretzels to defend her.

Question: Who is the ONLY first family who both have been fingerprinted by the FBI? Does anyone need a clue?

Squid said...

Most of all, Obama and Clinton cannot blame this IG report on the "vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" due to the fact that it was ordered up by Obama and John Kerry. One wonders if Obama can now give Hillary full support when his own report condemns her actions in the email scandal.
I do know who will make full use of the data and it is "The Donald".