Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Romanian Hacker Enters Plea and Agrees to Cooperate

Marcel Lazar, the Romanian  hacker who was extradited from a Romanian prison to the US has entered a negotiated plea of guilty to illegally accessing US intelligence sources and has agreed to cooperate with investigators. This is the man who claimed to have hacked into communications between Hillary Clinton and Sid Blumenthal while she was secretary of state.

This is more bad news for Hillary Clinton. It is no coincidence that the US Government would go to the lengths to extradited Lazar while he was still serving his sentence in a Romanian prison. It is no coincidence that he has entered a plea and agreed to cooperate with the FBI.

What cooperation does the FBI want so badly as to bring this man to America from a Romanian prison cell and enter into a plea deal with him?

For all the talk about the DOJ and the White House likely to protect Hillary from indictment, this action could not have been taken without the involvement of the DOJ.

I am starting to suspect that maybe-just maybe- there are some high ranking people who hate Hillary's guts and who are willing to let justice take its course.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

If justice depends upon some high-ranking people hating a suspect's guts, then we are in deeper trouble than anything you've been highlighting lately.

But, it does seem about time for any Democrat who doesn't have their head buried in the sand (which most do) to start whispering in Hillary's ear that she's going to drag the party down to a disastrous defeat and make Donald Trump president if she doesn't pull out.

Isn't this a great year? BOTH parties are about to nominate candidates who, against anyone else, would be a landslide disaster. The deficiencies of each and both are going to make this instead a competitive election. But, as someone posted elsewhere recently, there has got to be a cheaper way to identify the twelve worst people in America.

Hey Gary, are you coming to Chicago for the World Series? I doubt I'll be high on the list for tickets, but maybe we can get together near Wrigley Field.