Thursday, May 12, 2016

Leonardo Di Caprio and His Mission to Save a Drying Lake in Iran

"Hat tip" Informed Comment

"Don't dry, Urmia! Don't dry!"

That's right, cinema fans. Your idol, Leonardo Di Caprio, is on a new mission after winning an Oscar for his role in some environmental thriller whose name I don't recall. He is striving to bring the world's attention to the fate of Lake Urmia, which is located in that wasteland called Iran. And no less a source than University of Michigan professor and apologist of all things Middle East, Juan Cole, is breathlessly reporting on this breaking story in his strangely named blog, Informed Comment.

As I stated in my reader comment (which will never appear), this is just like Di Caprio, all worked up over a drying lake in Iran. Maybe he should move to Iran full time and save the drying lake himself. Personally, I couldn't care less if all their lakes dry up. Their rivers too.

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