Friday, May 6, 2016

David Horowitz Reacts To SDSU Protests

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Daily Aztec

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David Horowitz

Last week, in reaction to posters put up by David Horowitz's Freedom Center at the San Diego State University campus critical of the Brown Shirt tactics (my words) of Students for Justice in Palestine, a protest got out of control and resulted in the president of the university being blocked in his own campus police cruiser for over an hour by unruly students. Last night Horowitz spoke at SDSU, and he will speak at UC Irvine this evening. It appears last night's event went on without incident.

Here is Horowitz's statement regarding the SDSU protest of last week.

Here is the Daily Aztec's editorial reaffirming their decision to run a Horowitz ad announcing his appearance at SDSU.

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