Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chabad at UCI Responds to SJP Intimidation

Today, in response to last week's despicable disruption of a Jewish event at UC Irvine by Students for Justice in Palestine and other student groups, Chabad at UCI held a 2-hour rally on campus to affirm their Jewish identity and support for Israel as well as to say that they will not be intimidated.

* Chabad is an orthodox Jewish branch that has a presence on campus. They are currently led by Rabbi Zevi Tenenbaum, who was the master of ceremonies. There was dancing and music was provided by Rabbi Blue (pictured below).

Altogether, there were some 40-50 people who came mostly from the community to show their support for Jewish students. Several students stopped by the watch and listen to the Israeli-Jewish themed music. There was a small campus police presence as well as several top university officials who observed (probably to see if any disruptions occurred. There were none.)

During the event, Rabbi Tenenbaum spoke and affirmed that they would not be intimidated by last week's event from showing their Jewish pride and support for Israel. I took a few pictures and brief videos.

Rabbi Blue

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