Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Angela's Kids Strike Again: One Dead in Stabbing Attack in Germany

Grafing (Bavaria), Germany
"Such an idyllic place"

Just minutes ago I was on the treadmill watching Fox News when the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen reported that a 27-year-old German man had been arrested at the Grafing, Germany train station after stabbing 4 people, one fatally. The German authorities reported only that there seemed to be a "political motivation" behind the attack. Being accustomed to so many similar European press reports, I was immediately suspicious. Sure enough, Daniel Greenfield fills in the blanks in Frontpage Magazine. The attacker was screaming, "Allahu Akhbar" (which should not be confused with, "Ollie Ollie oxenfree")  during the attacks.

In fairness to Angela Merkel, who seems oblivious to all these attacks, sexual, murderous or otherwise, going on in her country, it may be that this was not a refugee, asylum seeker, or other troublemaker who has wandered into the country. The problem, however, remains: This swelling of Muslims in Germany and Europe is resulting in nothing more than mayhem, division, crime and hatred, something no country needs. Merkel, her European counterparts, and other Western leaders like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau don't seem to care that their citizens have had enough.

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