Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Chalk Monster Strikes UC Santa Barbara

Hat tip The College Fix

Have they checked for skate board tracks?

First Emory. Then the University of Michigan. Now it's UC Skate Board, er Santa Barbara that has been victimized by the phantom Chalk Monster(s).

“These actions undermine our sense of community and our commitment to diversity. Such hateful messages have no place in our university,” she added. “Our students, staff, and faculty take pride in our collective efforts to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness. These messages degrade and distract our community and isolate those groups who are targeted.”
-Margaret Klawunn, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

I am beginning to suspect this is a national conspiracy. What is important is for the trained investigator (like me) to focus on common threads. For example, is there any similarity among the messages found on different campuses?

Wait! I think I am onto something.

“Attacks directed toward any member or group within the University of Michigan community, based on a belief or characteristic, are inconsistent with our values of respect, civility and equality,” he said in the statement. “We all understand that where speech is free it will sometimes wound. But our message is this: We are fully committed to fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of everyone. Tonight we are reminded there is much work yet to be done.”
-Rick Fitzgerald, University of Michigan spokesman

"As an academic community, we must value and encourage the expression of ideas, vigorous debate, speech, dissent, and protest. At the same time, our commitment to respect, civility, and inclusion calls us to provide a safe environment that inspires and supports courageous inquiry. It is important that we recognize, listen to, and honor the concerns of these students, as well as faculty and staff who may feel similarly."
-James Wagner-Emory University President 

Yes! The similarities in the above three messages are too striking to ignore. It must be the work of one author. It must..........

Never mind. Wrong messages.

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