Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pakistan Fretting Over Rising Islamophobia in West

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Pakistan, which has a death penalty for those who insult Islam, is concerned over what it terms rising Islamophobia in the West.

Well, what can we do to assuage the fears of our Pakistani friends? First and foremost, the Pakistanis could stop sending its nationals to Great Britain, where some of them form sexual grooming gangs. The overwhelming majority of these sexual groomers in the UK are Pakis.

As far as I am concerned, Pakistan needs to deal within its own problems. For one thing, I know of no Western country where Muslims are being treated as badly as non-Muslims are treated in Pakistan, where Christians get lynched by mobs over trumped up charges of insulting Islam. We don't do that in the West. Nor do we lynch Muslims because  of the terrorist acts being carried out by some of their co-religionists. No, we believe in punishing guilty people based on their actions. In Pakistan non-Muslims (and Ahmadi Muslims) are persecuted due to their religious beliefs-either by the government or by mobs.

Do we complain about terror and intolerance towards religious minorities by certain Muslims? Yes. Do we openly discuss to what extent the teachings of Islam may or may not influence such actions? Yes. Do we fear that terrorists are walking among us in our own societies? Yes. (Remember the female terrorist in San Bernardino? Pakistani.) Do we say that sharia law is incompatible with our laws and standards of equality? Yes. If you want to call that "rising Islamophobia" go ahead.

Keep in mind that this is the "country" that harbored Usama Bin Laden. You bet they did.

We don't need any lectures on Islamophobia from these mopes.

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