Monday, April 25, 2016

Oberlin's Shame (Joy Karega and Her Supporters)

Hat tip Oberlin Review and Campus Watch

Ohio's Oberlin College was greatly embarrassed recently by the public rants of Professor
Joy Karega, an obvious anti-Semite who has gone public with her hate. Karega seems to think that all the world's misfortunes are the fault of the Eternal Jew.

Of course, one would think that Karega's statements would incur the wrath of her colleagues at Oberlin, who are always quick to denounce hate, right?


It seems that in contrast, Oberlin's academics and the Multicultural Resource Center have circled the wagons around Karega. In response, Professor Emeritus Sidney Rosenfeld has penned the below article in The Oberlin Review.

Karega’s social media comments, while covered under the First Amendment, are outrageous and not worthy of any support beyond those First Amendment rights. I am not asking for Karega to be fired, but the entire campus community from administration to faculty to students to the Multicultural Resource Center should condemn her words.

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