Friday, April 29, 2016

More on SJP From Carolyn Glick (Jerusalem Post)

Hat tip Campus Watch and Jerusalem Post

This week, I cross-posted an article  that showed connections between Students for Justice in Palestine and various other organizations at least indirectly connected to Hamas, a US State Department designated terrorist organization.

Carolyn Glick of the Jerusalem Post has added to that report with more details on SJP's connections.

"Unfortunately, shortly after he entered office in 2009, President Barack Obama's then-attorney- general Eric Holder ordered the Department of Justice to stop investigating Islamist nonprofit groups. Accordingly, it is highly unlikely that any investigation will be conducted by federal agencies in the near future."

Indeed, rumors at the same claimed that the US Attorney's Office in Dallas, which has prosecuted the Holy Land Foundation trial, had superseding indictments ready to go against other major figures in the US when the Obama administration came into office and shut it down. Hopefully, the cases will be reopened if a Republican wins the White House.

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