Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hitler Makes a Comeback in Germany

Hat tip Gateway Pundit and Vlad Tepes

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Hermann Goering once said that in 50 or 60 years, there would be statues of him all over Germany. It hasn't happened yet, but his boss, Adolf Hitler, has made a comeback of sort. This month, In July 2014, a crowd of young Muslims  held a protest which was captured on video. Gateway Pundit (via Vlad Tepes) has posted a short clip. In this scene, the people are waving Palestinian flags (naturally), giving the Nazi salute, and chanting, "Death to Jews" ( in German),"Adolf Hitler" and "Allahu Akhbar".

And if Merkel has her way, another million of these Hitler fans will arrive in Germany next year.

And take note all you US college kids who are so enamored of the Palestinians. There is an intellectual link between the Nazis and the Palestinians-Jew hatred. It all fits like a glove.

* Update: (Hat tip Vlad Tepes) It appears this protest occurred in July 2014 in Essen-a protest against Israel that had many anti-Jewish overtones. Here is a longer video in which the above clip is included about halfway through.

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