Friday, April 22, 2016

Hillary's Great Speeches

Hat tip Squid and Truth Revolt

Is it Pay for Say, Pay for Play, or Both?

Here are some more examples of Hillary Clinton's quarter million dollar speeches before groups that lobby the government.

And she still won't agree to release those speech transcripts.
Granted, these speeches were made after she left the State Department and was "out of government", but we all know she was preparing to run for president. That's why these entities paid all those big bucks to listen to her speak. It's not like she is a pleasure to listen to, you know.

And this is the same woman who promises to crack down on those corporate and Wall Street big wigs.



Squid said...

The Clintons have been corrupt from the beginning of time. William Jefferson Clinton's first illegal act was to dodge the draft. No one did anything about this draft dodging which is a crime. Only the non-elite,poor slobs get arrested. Then there was Whitewater, Travel-gate, sex in the Oval office with Monika, Benghazi, the email scandals, the speeches to embellish the Clinton Foundation which gives only 15% of the take to charity. Now we get wind of hugh money for nothing speeches to big business, Wall Street, Lobbyists and Government influencers who are lining up to get the "pay-for-play" rewards.
Only those people who are as corrupt as the Clintons and the idiots/ignorant will vote for her.


elwood p suggins said...

Squid--you forgot to mention Bill's perjury/subornation of perjury in two separate Federal judicial procedures, as well as witness/evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. At least. All felonies. All easily provable as is the case with Hill.

Squid said...

I agree elwood p suggins, there is so much more to share about the Clintons.
Glad you added more to the frenzied fires of deceit, deception and dishonesty.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, you old Bolshevik. Sound point.