Thursday, April 14, 2016

Germany's Latest Accommodation to Islam: No More Sexy Ads

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Take that down!

In the wave of sexual assaults sweeping Germany (and the rest of Europe) thanks to its insane open doors policy, Angela Merkel's 4th Reich has now responded by-

not closing the borders
not aggressively going after the rapists

No, they are now banning sexy ads.

If they think they are going to solve the problem this way they are nuts. This will not teach the migrants and asylum seekers to respect German women. After all, the women who were assaulted on New Years Eve in Cologne were not walking around in lingerie. This only encourages the barbarians by telling them that the Germans are knuckling under-submitting.

What's next? No more beer ads?

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Hat tip Gary's German Beer Page
(That's me.)

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