Thursday, April 28, 2016

Brown Shirts in Action at San Diego State

sdsu protest 428
-Fox News

 If you are wondering why San Diego State University's mascot is the Aztec, maybe now we have the answer. Last night, upset that David Horowitz's organization posted flyers on campus naming certain students who were allegedly engaged in bullying tactics while promoting the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli cause, and unsatisfied by the response of the university president, a mob of students surrounded the campus police car carrying said president and prevented it from leaving for over an hour.

Here is how the Daily Aztec reported the incident.

Well, the little rascals may not have carried SDSU President Elliot Hirschman to the top of a pyramid and cut out his heart, but in the good old days, this action would have legally constituted  a form of false imprisonment.

Of course, one wonders why the campus police didn't take swift action especially since it was their own cruiser that was carrying Mr Hirschman. Obviously, he ordered them not to.

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