Friday, April 29, 2016

Berkeley Hillel: No Friend to Israel

Hat tip Paul Schnee

The below article from the Jerusalem Post is troubling. Not just because it illustrates the failure of Hillel to fight all the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel/anti-Semitic agitation on campus, but also the revelation that one of Bernie Sanders' closest aides was connected to Hillel while attending UC Berkeley. The below article maintains that Simone Zimmerman transition from being pro-Israel to being a strong foe of the Jewish state while attending UCB and frequenting Hillel.

Hillel is a national organization dedicated to supporting Jewish student life on campus. Their chapters differ, but many have chosen to call themselves, "Open Hillel" meaning they welcome members who are hostile to Israel as well as supportive of Israel. My own experiences with Orange County Hillel have been mostly negative as I have found them unwilling to stand up to pro-Palestinian activism on campus.

This article about Berkeley Hillel is pretty much the final straw for me on Hillel. It also says something about Bernie Sanders, coupled with his recent statements on Israel/Palestinians-suspension or no suspension.

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