Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ben Shapiro at Penn State

Hat tip Campus Reform

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"Where's dinner?"

I always wondered what Nittany Lions were. Now I think I know. They are the lazy type, who loll around all day swatting flies off their noses while the females bring home the bacon (literally).

With that in mind, here is what happened when conservative pundit Ben Shapiro came to speak at Penn State. The campus losers came to protest and threw a hissy fit when they couldn't get in to disrupt the event.

And how does the campus paper, The Collegian, headline it? "Ben Shapiro instigates campus protest".

“I don’t feel safe or comfortable with a racist asshole being on my campus,” Nagle (senior-labor studies) said. “We have to recognize that race does come into play.” 

You know, when I lived in Pittsburgh, I used to hear all kinds of bad things about Penn State. Now I know it was all true.

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