Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Black Eye For UC Davis

"When students aren't occupied, disruption is justified."

In a university system (UC California) beset with anti-Semitic incidents over the years, UC Davis is threatening to become the most problematic campus in the system. Twice in the last couple of years, swastikas have been scrawled on campus property, and on March 7, the pro-Palestinian forces, who don't know the first thing about freedom of speech, disrupted a talk by an Israeli diplomat.

This is what happens when universities can't keep students occupied in the classroom with meaningful education.

And how ironic it is that UCD's embattled chancellor, Linda Katehi, was serving on the UC Regents working group that just came out with a statement of principles on intolerance that specifically addressed anti-Semitism? This week, The Aggie (UC Davis) has two articles/editorials addressing the issue.

Of course, demonstrations and protests are in keeping with the "grand tradition" of our universities (at least since the 1960s). However, when students choose to disrupt and deprive others of their First Amendment rights then it is time for discipline to step in. The time has come for these pro-
Palestinian Brown Shirts to be shown the door.

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