Sunday, April 10, 2016

Air France Stewardesses Rebel Against Head Scarf Dictum

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Earlier we reported that Air France had issued a mandate that their stewardesses wear head scarves on the soon-to-be- resumed flights from Paris to Teheran.

Now Gallia Watch is reporting that the AF stewardesses are refusing to comply

Kudos to the ladies at Air France. They certainly have more courage than the dhimmis who run the airline, who will crawl on their knees to make a few extra Euros. I can understand why the women would have to comply with local law once they set foot on Iranian soil, but consider this: Under international law while an Air France flight is in the air, it is considered French territory. The same applies to other international carriers. There is no requirement whatsoever for these ladies to have to wear a head scarf while in flight.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, what about the sacred rights of employers to give direction to their employees?

What will the Right To Work For Less Committee have to say about this flagrant insubordination?

It borders on... gasp! ... union activity!

Gary Fouse said...

Sounds like a French problem.