Friday, March 25, 2016

The Republican Campaign Reaches the Gutter

Hat Tip Daily Caller

Forget about the fact that we have a country to save. Now we get down to what really matters. It's not ISIS. It's not government corruption. It's not about the future of this country. Now the National Enquirer has jumped in. What we really need to know is whether Ted Cruz has 5 mistresses.

I won't pass judgment on the truth behind this story. I have not forgotten John Edwards. That was the National Enquirer's story. How much does Donald Trump have to do with this? Hell if I know. I give kudos to the CNN host, Kate Bolduan, that cut off the discussion based on a National Enquirer story she had not known about.

I do know one thing, however. This is the final straw on a campaign that has taken the record for ugliness. Now we have photos of former model, Melania Trump, in the nude. Now we have charges of infidelity against Cruz.

Is this what it comes down to? A Republican campaign that started off so promisingly, with 17 candidates, many of whom would have made a fine president, is now down to this?

We are facing ISIS and a future that whether we like it or not will be filled with war. We are facing the prospect of the most corrupt woman in the history of the gender, Hillary Clinton, being our next president. Our borders are broken, our people are divided, race relations are heading down the toilet, and now all we will be talking about is whether Ted Cruz is a serial cheater and whether Trump had anything to do with the story.

What a fine pickle this country is in.

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