Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Frustrated Hatem Bazian

Hatem Bazian is a professor at UC Berkeley. He immigrated to the US from the West Bank town of Nablus to obtain his higher education. Once in the US, he quickly became a campus agitator against Israel. Several years ago, he was captured on videotape at a campus rally calling for an intifada in the US. Currently, he spends his time railing against Israel and "Islamophobia". As a co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, a brown-shirt organization that has resorted to anti-Semitic intimidation on numerous US campuses as well as something at UC Berkeley called the "Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center, which, in spite of its imposing name, is located in a broom closet at room 638 in Barrows Hall. I know. I have been there.

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Most recently, Bazian has taken the occasion of this week's AIPAC conference to bemoan the fact that all of the remaining presidential candidates of both parties (excepting Bernie Sanders) have accepted the invitation to speak at AIPAC and proclaim their support of Israel.

Sorry, Hatem. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans have no sympathy for Palestinians, a people who have hitched their wagon to terrorism, a people who danced in the streets on 9-11. That is why presidential candidates choose to go to AIPAC and affirm their support for Israel.

The fact is, Hatem, that once you step out of the protective cocoon of your campus (or any other campus), you have very little support in America. You are caught in a vicious circle as you juggle your dual duties of fighting Israel on hand and Islamophobia on the other. They are interconnected. Not because as you may think, Jews are stoking the flames of Islamophobia; they are not. It is Muslims themselves who stoke those flames (Guess what happened today in Brussels.) The campaign of hate and terror against Israel is just one aspect of Islam's war against the rest of us. As the old Islamic adage goes, "First the Saturday people. Then the Sunday people." More and more Americans are recognizing every day that Israel's enemies are our enemies.

So complain all you want, Hatem. I understand your frustration. I promise you that in four more years, the 2020 AIPAC conference will be attended by most, if not all, the presidential candidates.

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