Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Detroit Debate: Kasich Looks the Best

Just a few comments.

Now that we know that Donald Trump is hung, the revelation only reinforces my impression that he comes across as a gangster. This guy has no business being president. His insults, particularly directed to Marco Rubio were not fitting for a presidential candidate.

Rubio, for his part, is acting like a child as Trump rubs it in by calling him, "Little Marco". He (Rubio) needs to get back to his soaring oratory about the greatness of America and his positive message. He has been sidetracked with his attacks against Trump.

The setting (the Fox Theater) was magnificent. My question is how has it survived amid all the deterioration of the city? But what about the audience? Did you see and hear those rubes? I think half of the audience was from a mental asylum and the other half were Red Wing fans. The only thing missing were dead octopi being hurled up on the stage.

I thought Cruz did well in his attacks on Trump, but I think the one person who came across as presidential, one with a knowledge of the issues based on real experience, was Kasich.

As the Republican party heads full speed for the proverbial cliff, I really think they should nominate John Kasich.


Squid said...

I would have to agree that Kasich looked and sounded presidential. But, will Kasich have the intestinal fortitude to slash Hillary with Benghazi, lies to the nation and parents of Benghazi, the violation of Federal law regarding her purposeful ignoring of State security regulations using email and internet. Ignoring the importance of Top Secret and Compartmentalized communications. Hillary's war on women who were violated by her husband. Also, how about Whitewater, Travelgate and the Clinton Foundation.
It is the candidate who will slice and dice Candy Crowley when she sides with the Democrat candidate in a campaign debate.
We know Trump will take the lead, but will Kasich act like the looser Romney.
Hillary is an Alinsky lover who follows Alinsky dirty radical tactics. The Republican will have to out Alinsky Hillary to win.


Gary Fouse said...

You are correct. Kasich is the last one who will attack Hillary like she needs to be attacked.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Kasich is the only Republican candidate who offers any evidence of having a brain. I could consider voting for him if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, but I want him to address how well he learned his lesson after the voters of Ohio turned down his anti-union legislation. He seemed humbled, but will be really change the direction of his policy? I really want to be able to say that America said "No" to Hillary one more time... and with finality, but not at any price.