Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Student Govt. at USC: Conservatives Need Not Apply

Hat tip The College Fix

“This is a student run process,” he added. “The administrator’s role is solely as an independent resource to guide all parties involved ­– complainant, accused, Executive Branch, and Judicial Council ­– to ensure that the documented process is followed and that they are all aware of the rights and freedoms involved.”

Days ago, we reported on efforts to remove Jacob Ellenhorn, a conservative, from student government at the University of Southern California. Now a university official says the school will not intervene.

First of all, one would assume that any student aspiring to be on student government is hardly apolitical, right?

Here is my question: If student government is going to be closed for conservatives (or liberals, for that matter), what is the point of having a student government?

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Squid said...

I am an alumnus of USC. In addition, I am a conservative. At this point, no donations to USC.