Thursday, March 31, 2016

Street Celebrations in Belgium Over Brussels Attacks

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Just days prior to the attacks in Brussels, Belgian police arrested Salah Abdeslam, who is believed connected to the deadly attacks in Paris last year. He was captured in the heavily Muslim district of Molenbeek (Brussels). Not only had nobody turned him in to the police, but a riot broke out after the arrest.

Now comes this report that the attacks in Brussels were met by street celebrations in Muslim neighborhoods of Belgium.

There is not much to add to JW's analysis. There is no hope of assimilating this into European society. Just a few days ago hooligans broke up a Brussels street memorial to the victims of the Brussels attack with cries of, "Death to Arabs", coupled with Nazi-style salutes. While I absolutely do not support that, it is easy to see where Europe is headed if this Islamic immigration/invasion is not halted. Civil war. The people in Europe have had enough, but their leaders and the EU are not listening to them. Hopefully, they can sweep these weak governments out through the electoral process and install leaders who will solve the problem through legal and constitutional means.  The longer this drags on the more radical the solution will have to be and time is running out.

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