Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sharia Law Comes to Austria

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"Another added: ‘I am a caretaker in the local block of flats, and most of the old people don’t go out at night any longer.’"

Not since Adolf Hitler marched triumphantly into the land of his birth has Austria succumbed so cravenly to a hostile force. Now Muslim gangs enforce sharia law in Austrian cities telling women how to dress and beating their husbands when they defend their wives.

"Yee gads!"

What's next? Will the Chechen and Afghan "asylum-seekers" be making Austrians scrub the sidewalks with toothbrushes?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Have the members of this "patrol" been arrested? Are they being sought?

The fact that some persons in a community engage in anti-social behavior in violation of extant statutes is one thing. Whether the government accepts it is another, and you are awfully silent about the latter point.

Gary Fouse said...

The article is confusing. I'm not sure if the 6 arrested were part of that patrol or from the gang fight.

Here is the point: When you have a "community" who isn't contributing anything in the way of work to begin with and whose members are enforcing their own desired religious laws and are forcing Austrians to stay indoors-even if not all members of the community are engaging in the violence- who needs that community in the first place? It's one thing if you have an legitimate immigrant community with a small minority of bad apples. The Vietnamese come to mind. Yes, we have had a small problem with youth gangs, but the Vietnamese have overwhelmingly been a good immigrant group.

This is something that no self-respecting country or people should be putting up with. I don't understand why the Europeans are so intent on committing national suicide.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That is A point, but for the alarmist rhetoric you typically use, the most critical point is, has Austria accepted this as legitimate, or is it proceeding with the appropriate law enforcement response? We had Italian gangs that enforced their own code (not the same code, they didn't care if women were half exposing themselves) in certain neighborhoods for some decades. Law enforcement didn't wave a magic wand and make it disappear, but over the years it was contained and degraded and eroded and minimized.

Gary Fouse said...

In many European countries, they are allowing parallel societies where the Muslims enforce their own laws-including against non-Muslims who venture into their neighborhoods or near mosques (Britain).

How can any free country deny some of its citizens, Muslim women or Muslim gays) all the rights that the rest of us enjoy by letting "communities" enforce "laws" that don't exist in our countries?

elwood p suggins said...

A recent ABC/WSJ (I believe it was) study/poll of Muslims resident in the U.S. (I understood it to include citizens, legal and illegal immigrants, whoever) found that some 25% of those resident Muslims supported violent jihad in furtherance of the spread of Islam as well as death for such "crimes" as adultery, blasphemy, disrespect for the Prophet, etc.

More disturbing, some 51% believed they should be able have their own separate communities here, which would be governed by Sharia rather than American law.

According to both "" and Pew, I believe, we have something like 6.67 million resident Muslims. This would translate to something like 1.76-3.4 million radical/extremist supporting Muslims in country, with more coming. That is a lot of people to have to be concerned about.

Gary Fouse said...

And we are about to get a whole lot more to be concerned about thanks to Obama.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The middle east has for many centuries had traditions that in large cities under various empires, different peoples had their own quarter, where their own (usually corrupt and despotic) leadership ran things. The Greek Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter. Many of the Christian holy sites are similarly divided among different Christian sects, and the monks battle with brooms over every square inch.

That people would come from those lands thinking this is "normal" is not surprising. We just don't do it that way here.