Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pro-Lifers Get No Love at UC Davis

Hat tip Campus Reform

UC Davis's embattled chancellor, Linda Katehi, may be on life support in the wake of disclosures that she has been "moonlighting" for a textbook company that sells its products to UC, but the pro-abortion movement is alive and well as evidenced by what happened when some pro-life folks put out some anti-abortion materials on campus.

Well, at least this was a student as opposed to a professor like Mireille Miller-Young, who made headlines at UC Santa Barbara in 2014, when she physically swiped posters from two teenage girls and assaulted one of them trying to retrieve the posters in an elevator.

So now we have the UCD "Women's Resource and Research Center", what ever that is, organizing protests and providing all kinds of services like umbrellas and escorts to the protesters. Man, I didn't have this much fun in high school.

Maybe Katehi can line up a moonlighting job passing out umbrellas to the girls.

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