Monday, March 21, 2016

Melissa Click Won't Go Quietly Into the Night

Hat tip Campus Reform

Fired journalism professor Melissa Click isn't giving up her fight to get her job back at the University of Missouri. She has even gotten an op-ed in the Washington Post. Take a look at her self-pitying article.

"As a Media Studies scholar, I understand how the increased surveillance resulting from advances in technology like digital recording and wireless broadband has come to mean that our mistakes will be widely broadcast — typically without context or rights of rebuttal — exposing us to unprecedented public scrutiny."

As a Media Studies scholar, I wonder if Click understands the right of a student journalist to videotape a public protest on a public campus. Her lack of knowledge of the First Amendment, which should be crucial to a journalism/communications professor, is more than enough to justify her firing.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Assuming that Click's statement is true, and that her concern is genuine (both dubious), is her proposed remedy to reconsider the First Amendment?

Mistakes committed in public places were always subject to eyewitness reports, but now, people will see what you actually did or said, rather than what someone thinks they remember you did or said.