Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Judith Butler's Statement to the UC Regents-Wrong on Many Fronts

In reference to today's resolution by the University of California Regents on anti-Semitism, UC Berkeley professor Judith Butler has released a statement she made at the meeting. I found the below link on Cloudminder, a UC watchdog blog.

Judith Butler is an activist against Israel. I heard her speak last year at UC Irvine, where I teach part time. Afterward, I wrote her a letter detailing cases of anti-Semitism at UCI and other campuses. Of course, she never responded.

Teaching part-time at UCI over the last several years, I have seen and heard the anti-Semitic expressions first hand. Though I am not a Jew, I can personally attest that much of the anti-Israel/BDS activity is, in fact, anti-Jewish. I can also attest that the complaints at UCI she referenced were not false. In fact, the DOE/OCR investigation ended unsuccessfully because  many complaints were not made in a timely manner, and there was originally the problem that religious discrimination was not then covered under Title VI. In my view, it was a whitewash.

Finally, it was, indeed, proper that the Regents  statement put anti-Semitism at the forefront. It was the myriad complaints of anti-Semitism over the years that led us to this moment. Anti-Semitism is the worst -ism on our campuses today.

In my view, Butler does not want to acknowledge the anti-Semitism because she opposes Israel. I laid it out in front of her when I sent her the above letter.  I laid it out when I spoke at the Regents working groups at UCI and UCLA.

I respect free speech and acknowledge that mere opposition to Israel and her policies do not by itself constitute anti-Semitism. However, I have personally seen and heard many incidents that have crossed the line into Jew hatred.

Gary Fouse
Adj teacher
UCI -Ext

PS: I have tried repeatedly, but without success to post these comments in the Cloudminder and Remaking the University reader threads.


Anonymous said...

As you have learned by now, Chris Newfield does not tolerate dissent on his blog.
If you're not careful, you'll be sent to the UC Gulag for re-education.

Gary Fouse said...

And where does he tend bar?

Anonymous said...

He tends bar at a transgender joint in Santa Barbara called "Pre-Op".
You've been warned, Herr Fouse.

Gary Fouse said...

Oh yeah. I just saw his name on the blog. Thanks for the warning.