Monday, March 7, 2016

Hillary's Emails: The Noose Tightens

Hat tip Eagle Rising

                                                                "A funny thing happened on my way to the coronation."

In yet another stunning revelation, we now learn that Hillary Clinton personally authored 104 emails on her private and unsecured server that were classified in nature. Eagle Rising editor Onan Coca has the report.

Keep in mind that we already know that Clinton ordered her underlines to transfer classified messages to an unclassified system in order to transmit them more quickly.

Here is a possible scenario that may hit us suddenly. Remember Spiro Agnew? All of  sudden (during the whole Watergate mess), we were hit with the news that he had resigned and pleaded no contest to failing to report income. We learned that as governor of Maryland and vice president, he had been taking bribes.

Could it come to pass that prosecutors will soon sit down with Hillary and her lawyers (the ones who aren't indicted themselves) and lay out what they have, encouraging her to enter into a plea deal? Don't rule out the possibility that we will wake up one day to Hillary walking into a federal court to enter a plea and announcing she is dropping out of the race. I am not predicting it, so saying it's a possibility.

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"This isn't the way to the White House."

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's good, because all the polls show Bernie Sanders running much farther ahead of Trump, Cruz, or Rubio than Hillary. Unfortunately, she has too many markers to call in with the the party apparatus, and as usual, they're all too stupid to see what will win the firstest with the mostest. The GOP's only hope for the general election would be Kasich, but, again, nobody is thinking about winning a general election, only about how to win a food fight right now.