Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Hate" (At Least a Micro-Aggression) Comes to Emory University

Hat tip Truth Revolt

You couldn't make this up.

Take a look into the face of hate.

Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Snowflakes, hate has come to Emory University, and school president James Wagner has stepped into the breach to take it on.

Dr. James W. Wagner
James W Wagner- A hero for our times

"During our conversation, they voiced their genuine concern and pain in the face of this perceived intimidation."

"Immediate refinements to certain policy and procedural deficiencies (for example, our bias incident reporting and response process);" 

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And you think this generation is going to win the war on terror?


Anonymous said...

I am an old-timer who reads your blog and who enjoys the commentary on the sad state of the university these days. As a youngster I was curious about a speaker at a small college in the Midwest in spring 1967. His name was George Lincoln Rockwell. The American Nazi started his speech, there were hoots of laughter from the students, and suddenly 2/3 of the auditorium walked out on him. There were no hurt feelings, no whining to the administration, a few brave Jewish and Black students engaged him in discussion after his talk, and the whole affair was peaceful. I think the students back then (myself included) could spot a nut, we were not traumatized by experiencing a real live Nazi, and we used something called common sense and street smarts to analyze the guy and the situation. This is what an education should include - exposure to extreme views, right and left, and let the students form their own opinions. George Wallace and Abbie Hoffmann also spoke at the school. Greatest time of my life - the chance to listen to some of more colorful people of the day, without the burden of all this PC crap. Keep up the great work on the blog! And don't forget to drink a German beer now and then! Prost.

Gary Fouse said...

Thanks a lot, Anonymous. And I will drink that beer.

UCI Observer said...

Just a few short years ago, administrators at UC Irvine and elsewhere, fearful of confronting the hate speech and anti-Semitism brought to campus every spring during “Israel Hate Week”, had a habit of lecturing mostly Jewish students about how the university is a place where students should be exposed to ideas that make them uncomfortable. Students were repeatedly hectored by the administrators within the offices of the dean of students that confronting and challenging long-held beliefs in favor of Zionism and the right to Israel to exist was good for them, that it would help them grow and mature. Indeed, it was the very function of the university to present opposing narratives so that students could gain a more nuanced understanding of the “other”. According to UCI former vice chancellor of student affairs Manuel Gomez, “your views are going to be challenged at any great university. If they're not, I'm not sure what kind of education young people are receiving."

Isn't it amazing how today, students – mostly students of color or other groups claiming victim status – are excused from this sort of lecture? Rather, they are told – by the so-sensitive administrators - that they have an absolute right to be sheltered from speech that makes them personally uncomfortable, that they need trigger warnings and safe spaces so that they can run away from such speech. Why aren't they expected to gain a more nuanced understanding of the “other", especially where the “other” happens to be a front-running candidate for the Presidency?

Do I smell a troubling double standard here?

Gary Fouse said...

What is being created is a new generation of neurotics.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Japan believed the same of Americans circa 1938. They were wrong, last time I checked.