Monday, March 28, 2016

Fjordman's Indictment of the EU

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

 "The EU is no longer merely a corrupt and useless organization. It is an actively evil organization."

I am cross-posting this article by the Norwegian writer, Fjordman, which is a pseudonym because Fjordman is under the threat of death from the jihadis. It appears on Gates of Vienna.

In this article, he recounts the carnage in Europe and indicts the criminal negligence or malfeasance, if you prefer, of the EU. It is the EU that has allowed this situation to come to pass.

In case you didn't know, Fjordman was studying Arabic in Cairo on 9-11. He was so disgusted by the celebrations he saw taking place that he left Egypt. He has been writing about the situation in Norway and Europe for years now. In addition to the death threats, he must also worry about being prosecuted by the politically correct government in Norway.

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