Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fired Mizzou Professor Plays Victim Card

Hat tip The College Fix

Imagine a professor of journalism and communications (not tenured) at a major public university who tried to stop a student journalist from videotaping a public protest at said public university and called "for some muscle" to have the journalist forcibly removed in violation of his First Amendment rights. Imagine that she had also been involved in another campus protest in which she cursed at campus police who were trying to move the protesters back, telling the cops themselves to get back.

You would probably say that the university would be justified in firing her (which it did).

So now we have Melissa Click, a journalism professor who doesn't understand the First Amendment, which alone should justify her firing. She is claiming that she is a victim of those nasty conservatives because she was merely trying to save black students from all the racism going on at Mizzou.

It's hard to feel sympathy with this woman. Not only is she woefully ignorant about something that is crucial to her field, but she doesn't know how to participate civilly in a protest and set an example for her students.

As for the AAUP, since when does Mizzou or any other university answer to them? You know what I would tell the AAUP?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its impossible to feel sympathy for this character. And you're right, lack of comprehension of the First Amendment is sufficient grounds alone.