Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cruz Is Right, But He Worded it the Wrong Way

Ted Cruz is drawing some heat over his calls for police to "patrol" Muslim neighborhoods.

While I generally agree with Cruz, I think he worded it the wrong way. First of all, in many cases, "Muslim neighborhoods" do not exist in America as they do in Europe. Indeed, our Muslim population is of a different nature from that in Europe. Most of our Muslim immigrants came here as educated, professional people and today, their children are attending college. They generally live among us in our neighborhoods depending on social and economic class,. To be sure, there are places like Dearborn, Michigan whether they constitute a very large segment of the population. There is an area in Anaheim called "Little Palestine". But generally speaking, the idea of police "patrolling" Muslim neighborhoods in places like Irvine, California is absurd.

What Cruz should have said is that he supports increased intelligence gathering, such as the NYPD did until political correctness forced the city to curtail it. There is also a need for increased scrutiny of many mosques in the US and their imams, many of whom are preaching intolerance and hate toward the West and non-Muslims. That is not true of all of them, but enough to be of concern to us. Equally important is the need to carefully scrutinize would-be Muslim immigrants. Even if one percent of them are coming here intent on carrying out terrorism, that translates into dead Americans on our own streets.

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