Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barack Obama: The Lackadaisical President

Over the past year, we have cringed at President Barack Obama's lack of a meaningful reaction to the attacks in Paris. Whether it was Charlie Hebdo, the Jewish deli, or the multiple attacks at the soccer stadium, restaurants and theater in Paris, Obama was noticeable by his casual reactions. He didn't bother to attend the march of world leaders in Paris in solidarity with the victims or even send his secretary of state. He referred to the Jewish victims of the deli attack as just "folks". So it is this week as the attack in Brussels has caused him to "interrupt" his trip to Havana and Buenos Aires in order to make brief statements and continue on. Whether it is doing the wave at a baseball game in Havana or doing the tango in Argentina, this man seemingly has no clue as to the optics involved.

All this week I have been pestered by Obama's gang (Organizing for Action) who want me to enter a raffle to hear James Taylor sing in Chicago. That, of course, brings back the recent trip by Taylor at John Kerry's side to Paris, where he serenaded Kerry and Francois Hollande with "You've got a friend". Just what the French needed in their time of grief and coping with deadly terror from ISIS. That was the best America could do.

"You've got a friend."

It seems that nothing will keep Obama from his theme that ISIS is a JV team. That's essentially what he said in Argentina-that "We are strong, and you are weak."

How inconvenient it was for Brussels to get in the way of Obama's trip to Cuba and Argentina. But he was bound and determined that it wouldn't. Oh sure, he had to take a few minutes and make a few statements about the tragedy, but then it was back to the ball game, getting his picture taken in front of an image of the great executioner, Che Guevara, followed by tangos and baby bifes in Argentina.

Of course, this is the same man who had to climb off a golf cart while on vacation, make an announcement about the beheading of American journalist James Foley, and then get right back on the golf cart to finish his game.

This is a man whose presidency has been marked by a few bursts of activity in passing bad legislation like bailouts and Obamacare followed by long periods of golf, fund raising trips to California, and more vacations. He is, in short, a lackadaisical president. As to Islamic extremists hell-bent on murder and mayhem in the West, he-in the words of Rhett Butler- frankly, doesn't give a damn.

And that will be his legacy.


Squid said...

Too angry about all this right now, to address this unAmerican President. I only hope that more Americans wake up and become aware of this emerging totalitarian government. As Thomas Jefferson said:
"The nation that wants to be ignorant and fee, has never been and will never be".

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What would be a "meaningful reaction" to any of these events?

Do we need a new security agency to deal effectively with Daesh. Are the ones we have so incompetent? Are the civil service professionals staffing the existing agencies so lackadaisical that they need an order from the president to get on the ball? (I didn't think you'd find that necessary). So what do you want? A speech from the rose garden announcing that Daesh is truly evil? Like we don't know that already? Rounding up one hundred American Muslims and announcing that ten will be shot each time there is another incident? (No, I don't think you support that -- just an example of how juvenile your demand for "meaningful reaction" is.)

Gary Fouse said...

Obama has assembled an army of incompetent boobs around him when it comes to national security, Susan Rice, James Clapper, Jeh Johnson, Janet Napolitano.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

And you think he's going to fire his entire security staff whenever an incident occurs, merely because some of you think they are all incompetent boobs?

By that logic, Roosevelt should have fired MacArthur for losing the Philippines, Johnson should have fired Westmoreland any time there was a high casualty rate among U.S. soldiers, etc.

Maybe they are incompetent boobs. Maybe President Obama has poor judgment in assembling a national security team. I don't think fixing that qualifies as "meaningful reaction." Its also speculative and ideologically motivated.

Gary Fouse said...

I didn't even mention Hillary Clinton, the architect of the Russian restart button, Libya and the Benghazi massacre.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hillary Clinton should be fired from any positions whatsoever on general principles. No need to wait for an incident.