Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Are Universities Treating Sexual Assault Cases Fairly?

Hat tip The College Fix

This past weekend I spent two wasted hours online taking the University of California's newly-mandated sexual harassment, sexual violence training course, which is designed to teach me how to act like a civilized gentlemen. It was full of common sense information with easy quizzes. Yet, I had to spend two hours of my time so the UC files will satisfy the bean counters when they come around for their periodic reviews.

One of the procedures we are supposed to follow if we are made aware of a complaint or incident is to immediately notify some university hack who wears the mantle of Title IX coordinator. (I guess I notify the cops second if a coed gets assaulted.) That's because the universities are now mandated by the federal government to set up their own bureaucracies and hearing systems for these sort of things.

That leads us to this troubling story out of the University of Texas, which casts doubt on the universities' ability to effectively and fairly handle these types of allegations.

The UT-Austin case is not the only such case sample. We should also think back to the infamous Duke lacrosse rape charges and the more recent allegations of a University of Virginia student. Academia has proven that they don't have a clue as how to handle these cases. Between the mob mentality that ensues and the kangaroo courts we have seen on many campuses, cases of actual sexual assault are a matter for the professionals-the police-to handle.

Leaving charges of sexual harassment aside, which are often civil as opposed to criminal in nature, actual sexual assault is a serious crime. I appreciate that fact, but since it is a crime the accused is entitled to a fair investigation and trial.

I also believe that universities are downplaying the role that binge drinking has in these assault/rape incidents though I hasten to add that the course I took used sample cases that did involve drinking.

At any rate, if I ever happen to witness a sexual assault take place on campus, I can assure you that the first thing I will do is intervene. The next thing will be to call the campus police. Then I will call the campus Title IX coordinator.

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