Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Angela's Kids" in Action in Kiel

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

"The teenagers’ torment finally ended when passersby noticed their plight and notified security, who in turn notified police. Police then took four men, including the two Afghans, into custody, but not without difficulties.
“As a consequence (of their arrest), the suspects fought fiercely, also at the police station,” Die Welt reported. “The talk is of massive insults, threats and bodily injuries. At the suspects’ medical examination, the police doctor was also threatened and insulted.”
However, thanks to Germany’s “cuddly” justice system, as law-and-order Germans derisively call it, all suspects were released by the following day. Police are currently evaluating mall security videos to lay charges."

Another day, another incident in Germany, where Angela Merkel's "guests" have swarmed more German females, this time in the northern port city of Kiel. Frontpage Magazine has the story, and it is not pretty.

I guess we can add these four animals to the 130,000 migrants/asylum-seekers whose whereabouts the German authorities don't know.

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"We have 300,004 missing."

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